Making After School Club Selections

Making After School Club Selections in SchoolsBuddy

1. Click the 'Activities & Clubs' tab, or the Bookings Open button. (This may be labelled differently according to your school's preferences)

2. Depending on the activities, clubs and care your school provides, you may see just one or multiple boxes similar to the one below.  They should be clearly labelled so you can see what is available to you.  Click the blue 'choose' button.


3. From there, the clubs that are available for your child will be shown by day of the week.

4. Click the day of the week to expand the section.

5. Select your child's preferences for each club for the desired day of the week and then make your preferences.

In the example below, Bobby Smith's parent has selected Art Club on a Tuesday as their first choice, but,  in case there are not enough spaces, Bobby's parent has selected Cricket club as a second preference.  They are trying to ensure a club on a Tuesday (perhaps due to work commitments) but show the school that Bobby would prefer to do art.

It is fine to leave some clubs without any preference selections, the tick will remain in the N/A box to show that you do not wish to select this club.

Please note:  Schools set limits for the amount of daily or weekly selections you can make according to their own policy.


6. When you have made selections for each of the days you would like, click the blue 'Review & Confirm' button which can be found at the top right of the screen. Alternatively you can also click 'Save for Later' and complete later.


If you save for later, when you return to the Activities & Clubs tab, click the Review/Send button to complete your selections and send to the school


7. Click 'Review & Confirm', to see a summary of all the selections made.

8. You can click 'Edit Choices' to make changes if needed. When you are happy with your choices click 'COMPLETE and Send ALL to School'.

9. Agree to the terms and conditions of the after-school clubs and your preferences will be sent to your School. 


10. You will receive an email communication confirming your selections. An example of this is shown below. 



11. When your School has the processed the after school club allocations, you will receive a further email communication showing which clubs your child has been allocated or not allocated.

12. Your Diary will be automatically populated with the time and date of the events of the clubs/activities allocated for your child.