Sending Staff, Pupils, and Parents an Activation Email

Sending Staff, Pupils, and Parents an Activation Email in SchoolsBuddy

To enable staff, pupils, and parents to set-up a SchoolsBuddy account they must be sent an activation email. To send an activation email as a staff member you must have admin access to your School's SchoolsBuddy (please request this at if you require admin rights). 

To filter the recipients of the activation email: Click Here

Email addresses are brought into SchoolsBuddy either manually or via an MIS integration. 

Manual Import: all email addresses are imported via a CSV file. 
MIS integration: all email addresses that are entered within your MIS will be brought across into SchoolsBuddy (updates take place overnight therefore, any changes will be made the following day) 

1. Click the 'Admin' tab in the top right menu. 

2. When selected, by default you will be on the 'Users' tab. From here, you will see an overview of your SchoolsBuddy Users. There are four levels of users:- 
  • Dummy email (user's email has not been entered within an MIS and therefore dummy emails are created) 
  • Welcome email - not sent (activation email has not been sent to the user) 
  • Staff/pupil/parent that has never logged in (activation email has been sent but they have not yet created a SchoolsBuddy account) 
  • Active staff/pupil/parent (activation email sent and the user has successfully created a SchoolsBuddy account) 
Next, to each users status, the number of users currently at that status is displayed. 

3. To send an activation email, select the 'Welcome email - not sent' of the staff/pupil/parent you wish to send an activation email. 

4. From here you have two options, either 'Toggle All' which will select every user within the 'Welcome email - not sent' section or you can select individual users by clicking the toggle box to the left of their name. 

5. When the correct users have been selected, click the green 'Send' tab at the top of the page. 

6. The user will now be sent an activation email, this may take a few minutes to deliver to the recipient. An example of the standard activation email that is sent to a parent is shown in the image below. 

Activation emails are fully customisable, if you wish to make changes to your School's activation email please email

Password reset emails can also be sent from this page to active users who need to change their password.