Collecting Transport / Dismissal Arrangements from Parents

In your initial Transport configuration you will have selected which Activities and Clubs modules are enabled to allow parents to select the transport or dismissal arrangements when they are booking activities.  If you have not done this step, please see Transport Time Slots here.

When you create a new signup or booking activity that is enabled, your configuration page will show additional transport options to select.

1. Edit the container 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings and select the Transport Time Slot

3. Enter a title that the parent will see.

4. Include information for parents in the description so that they understand they need to select the transport methods for every day and child, regardless of whether they are selecting an activity for that day.  Activities have not been allocated yet so the transport plans are still subject to change after activity groups have been finalised.

When the Parent makes their activity selections or bookings, they will be able to select the transport options before they send all their choices.  If they haven't been assigned a transport method they can pick their own bus route and stop, or other method.  If school have already allocated them with a bus route and stop the parent will see this but not be able to amend it - they will need to contact staff to update the bus stop preference.