Assigning Students to Transport and Generating Registers

To assign a student to a method of transport, click on the Mass Students Assignment tab.

  1. Select the Time Slot required
  2. Click on the method of transport
  3. Click Add 

4. Use the search filters to narrow down the student list

5. Click + next to the name to add individual students or use Add All 

6. Click Save when you have selected all students.

7. A confirmation window appears to show the number of students that have been updated.  If any students have already got a different method of transport assigned they will not be added.  You will need to remove students from the other transport option first.

8. The student’s Stop will default to the first/last stop of the journey, but this can be updated in the drop down menu to any stop in the route. 


9.  To make amendments for specific days, such as transport not required or a different stop, either click on the pencil icon or the day that you would like to amend.  Remember to add the student on another transport for days that are not required e.g. Parent Pickup.

Generate Events

This tab is used for creating the ‘next week’s’ Events/Registers for all students.  This function will be enhanced in the next release.

1. Select the date of the week commencing you would like to add transport registers for and click Generate Events.

2. A confirmation message appears.  Click OK to exit the pop up.


3. Wait a few minutes for the registers to be generated.  Then you will see them under the Reception > Registers tab: