Transport Module Configuration

Transport Advanced Admin users can configure all the settings for your Transport module under Config Settings.  Click on Transport to view the settings.

Transport Methods

This is where the types of transport an organisation uses are created and stored (e.g. Bus, Parent Pick-Up/Drop-Off).

Methods are the first to be created when configuring Transport, and at any time the users can Edit or Add additional methods.

  1. Click Add to add a new transport method
  2. Type the generic name of the transport method
  3. Set the transport method to Active (can be disabled if no longer required)
  4. Choose whether the transport Supports Routes (this is used for buses and methods of transport where you need to track who gets off at a specific stop).
  5. Choose an Icon from the list
  6. Click Add

Transport Operating Days

This is where to set the days on which transport operates for the school.

  1. Select the days that the methods of transport will run for your school.  In this example, the school week is from Monday - Friday, and there are no transport provisions on weekends.
  2. Click Save Changes

Transport Stops

For those transport methods that support routes, this is where to administer the Stops.

When the Stops are Active they will be available to assign to Routes.

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter the Name of the stop, and the first Address line.  The whole address is optional.
  3. Set the stop to Active.  It can be disabled later if it is no longer used.
  4. Click Add

The list of all stops for all transport methods is created in alphabetical order.  These can be edited to amend addresses or deactivate them. These will be organised in the Transport Routes section.


Transport Directions

These settings are used to define the names of the inbound and outbound directions.

e.g. to change "Homeward bound" to "From School":

Transport Time Slots

This page is where time slots are administered. The different slots represent times of day and directions of travel.

If you would like to gather transport requirements from parents when the select activities, you can make the timeslot available to the activities tab(s) of your choice.  (N.B. please contact us if you are unable to select an Activities & Clubs tab from the list) 

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter a Name and Direction for the Time slot e.g. AM, PM etc.
  3. Select Is Active (this can be deactivated later if no longer required)
  4. Use Display Order to order the time slots on your screen or leave as it is for a default order.
  5. Set the Earliest Departure time and Latest Arrival Time.
  6. Under Available to CCA Containers select one or multiple CCA container tabs where you would like to be able to gather information from parents booking or selecting activities.
  7. Click Create Time Slot


Transport Routes

This page is where Stops are configured into Routes and administered. Additional routes can be added, amended or deactivated as required.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Name the Route.
  3. Select Active (this can be deactivated later if required).
  4. Give the route a Code.
  5. Select the Transport Method.  Only transport methods that support routes will be available in the menu.
  6. Choose the Direction of the route.
  7. Click Add Stop to select all the stops in the route.


8. Stops can be reorganised using the up and down display order arrows.  

9. Select Include on Route for all stops.  This can be used to disable stops as and when needed.

10.  Click Add.

Transport Timetables

This is where everything is put together.  Transport Timetables are used to configure routes with transport methods and time slots. Where methods support routes, and the time slot matches, the route can be added to the timetable.  For instance, Bus Route 3 only runs in the afternoons, so it can't be selected in the Morning Bus timetable.

  1. Click Add
  2. Select Transport Method
  3. Select Time Slot
  4. Direction will be autofilled.
  5. Days On this Timetable will default to your overall Operating Days but can be amended for each transport timetable.
  6. Is Active is defaulted on.  If you do not want to publish the timetable on a particular week you can deactivate it.
  7. Click Next

8. Select the routes to be run for this transport type and time slot.  Complete the Bus name or ID for each.