Custom forms: Capturing transport, medical or other information from parents

In SchoolsBuddy, we can create custom forms for you to capture transport, medical or other information not currently stored in SchoolsBuddy that the parent has to fill in at the time of sign-up. This information could be anything from special dietary requirements for a school trip to which bus route the student requires each day.

There are different types of Fields you can have in the form which can be Required or Optional.

Parents can give text answers or can select from the options you provide us with.

If you wish to have a form added, please contact our helpdesk who will be more than happy to assist you with this.

Once a form has been created, when you create a Container, you will have the option of adding a 'Booking Data Form' as part of the Terms and Conditions. You can also do this step after a container has been created, but preferably before the sign-up opens.


Parent/Student view after making Choices

When a Parent/Student has made their choices and submits those choices, the form will appear as part of the Terms & Conditions.

If some or all of these fields are 'Required' then the parent/student will have to fill these fields in before they can click 'OK'. 
It may be a good idea to denote which fields are Required' for the parent/student to complete such as '(Req'd)' at the start of the question.



There are several places to view this captured data:

1. Activities & Clubs | Manage | 'Custom Data'



2. Reception | Registers / Events, click on event and then 'Tagged Data'


3. Reception | Groups, click on Group and then 'Tagged Data'



4. To view the data for an individual student, click on 'Reception | Users', click on the student and then 'Custom data'



The first 3 methods of viewing the captured data allow you to download the information as a CSV file or Print the data.