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Attendance Registers ( VIDEO )

Registers can be taken by more than one staff member at once to assist with events where there are a large number of attendees. Updates are saved live and a new conflict resolution feature has recently been introduced.

Assigning Staff Roles (VIDEO)

If you are the "Organisation Super Admin" role for your school you will be able to manage a variety of other permissions for your staff from the Reception tab. If you would like to change your school's "Organisation Super Admin" users please contact us.

Sending a Password Reset (VIDEO)

Watch this short video to learn how to send a password reset email from the Reception > Users screen.

Cancelling an Instant Book & Pay Booking (VIDEO)

Watch this video to learn how to quickly cancel an Instant Book & Pay booking, with the option to refund charges as a credit at the same time.

Mass Adjustments (VIDEO)

This video will show you how to make mass adjustments (for discounts and refunds) by student or by event in SchoolsBuddy from the Fees tab. Please note, you must have the Advanced Fee Admin staff role in order to make mass adjustments (see this article for help with Allocating Staff roles).

Quick Charge - (VIDEO)

Watch this video for a preview of our new Quick Charge feature:

Container Cloning (VIDEO)

Watch this video to find out more about cloning instant book and parents evening containers.

Video - Setting Up A Holiday Club

Please see below video detailing how to setup a holiday club

Video - Adding a Charge

See the below link for guidance on adding charges within SchoolsBuddy

Video - Adding and Removing Charges Using the Fees Summary Screen

Link below details how to add and remove charges using the Fees Summary screen

Video - Recording Payments