Event Cut-Offs

Event Cut-Offs

SchoolsBuddy now offers the ability to set dates and times for individual Events to switch on and off.  This will allow you to delay opening up bookings to nearer the event date, and close bookings in advance of the event date.

When and how to use event cut-offs?

When creating an Event Rule (from the Create Events tab within the container) there are fields to set Sign up opens in advance and Sign up closes in advance.


For 10 weeks of an Instant Book signup, instead of opening up all 10 events for booking at the same time, you can now set a number of days and/or hours that a single event will become available to book e.g. 1 week before, (for this case set 'Sign up opens in advance' to Days = 7.

To turn off bookings 36 hours before an event, (helpful if you need to know number of attendees to assign the correct number of staff to the event), the Sign up closes in advance can be set to Days 1 and Hours 12.

If these fields are left blank the Container open and close signup dates & times will apply.


All of these settings can be viewed from the 'Create Events' tab under the columns Sign up opens and Sign up closes.