NEW - Fees system, what's new


How we internally handle fees has changed dramatically and hopefully for the better. We have updated our fees summary screen, added in a student summary, parent wallet and childcare voucher balance screens.  We allow for parents to pay with any credit they may have in their wallet and also easily visualise any  balances they have from their dashboard or fees screen.

Some of the benefits of our new interface and processes include:

Parent Wallet (Credit system)

  • Allow for parents to have a wallet (credit) account so instead of giving refunds, give them money back to their SchoolsBuddy wallet for them to use on other transactions.
  • Optional automatic fee adjustments (and wallet credits if applicable) when removing students / members from events.
    • Ideal if you are swapping an activity for a student you can do the whole process in a few clicks and reuse the parent wallet account to pay for the new activity
  • An overview of parent wallet accounts to see who has the most credit, from here if you need to convert to an actual refund you can do a withdrawal via various methods.

Childcare Voucher Management

  • Childcare vouchers continue as a payment method but instead of keeping the debt on the child account which would need 'clearing down' in the future, it is automatically marked as 'paid' to the student account with the debt moving to the parent's voucher account.
    • When a voucher is received simply add the voucher amount received in your bank account as a credit to the parents voucher account, allowing for them to be in debt or credit, but handling surplus vouchers with ease.
  • Overview of parents' childcare voucher balances so you can keep track and ensure that debts are controlled.

Reduced admin burden

  • Easily identify those students who are outstanding the most and drill into the detail as to why. 
  • Not so many locations to do the same tasks eliminating mistakes and and duplication.
Read more about the New Summary Screen here, or to see more detail about adjustments and the parent wallet system, go here.