Image support for Send Communication

Images can now be used in email communications

We can now support images within your email communications through SchoolsBuddy.

The images must be hosted online (not within SchoolsBuddy itself), with the image link pasted into your message.  The image will then be visible within the template as well as in the communication found in the message centre. 


Steps to include an image within your communication

1. Find your required image. 

2. If it is already online, eg on your school website, you can simply 'copy image address' via the right click of your mouse and then paste the address within your message via the 'add image' button (highlighted below). 

If you need to adjust the image size (make it smaller), click back into the image button and adjust within the following pop up box:

Please note: If the image is not already hosted online, you must first publish it to your website or similar location to create a URL for the image which can be copied and pasted into the message as per the instructions above.  


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