Pre-Training Videos and Tasks

Thank you very much for choosing to work with SchoolsBuddy.


This is Part 1 of the Setup process which will take you to being ready to go Live

You will shortly receive your activation email and using the link within this email you will be able to sign in and complete the orientation and tasks as described below.

Step 1 - Watch the Parent and Staff 'Discover SchoolsBuddy' videos below (30 minutes of video combined)

Step 2 - Complete these four initial setup tasks - click the links to use the support documents

  • Block Dates - repeating events will ignore any set holiday periods or inset/training days. Add at least one block date e.g. Christmas Day.
  • Locations - events normally have a location assigned which is either Home or Away (off-site). Set up at least one location.
  • Welcome Message - visible when user logs in this can be used for consistent message or advanced instructions as and when. Different messages can be set up for Parents, Members and Staff. Add a ‘Staff Welcome Message’. 
  • Staff Roles - as a Super User you have access to allocate Staff Roles. New staff added are automatically allocated the Regular Staff Role. Add a new Staff member and allocate yourself the Absentee Alert Role.

Step 3 - Test Student & Parent Accounts

As you will have seen from the videos above, the Parent screens differ from the Staff view. It is therefore vitally important to experience the Parent processes.

Using the Test Student and Parent Account guide, now set up a Test Parent Account. 

Step 4 - Activating Users

Follow the Sending an Activation Email guide to activate your new test parent account.

Step 5 - Finish Setup using the processes you learnt in Step 2:
  • add any additional Block Dates
  • add all Locations
  • add and edit all Welcome Messages
  • add all Staff and assign Required Roles

Step 6 - During your Q & A training session, to be booked after your Introduction session, we will set up your first Sign Up.

Please note it is critical that you have completed tasks 1 and 2 prior to attending the Q & A training session. This will allow the session to be more specific to your own requirements.