Setting up your Test Parent Accounts (linking to our test students)

Test Student and Parent Accounts

Test Student Accounts

As standard when we create your SB account we add in up to 5 test students.

These test students will allow you to create a test parent account and link to at least 1 or 2 of these test students.

These can be edited and added to different school years/grades.
  1. Go to the Reception tab
  2. Click Users
  3. Enter the word 'test' into the Search field
  4. Click Search
  5. Click on a test record from the search results
  6. Change School Year/Grade and Save

Setting up a Test Parent Account 

It is vitally important to set up at least one test parent account for your school. Using the system as a staff member or admin user is one thing but you do need to know what the parent will see.

The Parent screens and emails they receive will differ from staff so it is important for the school to understand these processes and to check the wording used within the email templates is suitable.

To set up a Test Parent Account, login to your SchoolsBuddy account and complete the following steps:
  1. Go to Reception/Registers main tab and then click on Users tab (see above screenshot).
  2. Search for the test students by typing test into the search box and press the search button (see above screenshot).
  3. Click on the top test student (see above screenshot).
  4. On the right hand side it will show the ‘linked’ tab and there will be no entries in this list.

5. Press the +Add button and complete the three fields - First Name, Last Name & Email Address.
Please note: Use a test name and either a personal email address or create a new free hotmail, gmail or similar account type. Never use your school email address.

Activating your Test Parent Account

To be able to use the new Test Parent Account you now need to Activate it. To do this follow the Sending Activation Email user guide.


Parents should not be added to the system this way if SchoolsBuddy is integrated with your school MIS/SIS system.
Only manually add linked/parent accounts under the following circumstances:-
• For test accounts
• If the data in the MIS/SIS is incorrect and parents are not linked to all of their children in SB. Ideally correct the MIS/SIS system but if not possible you can manually link the missing student manually by adding same parent email address using this method.
• Adding a link to someone who is not to be entered into your SIS/MIS.