Non-Admin Staff taking Attendance registers (laptop/ desktop computer)

Non-Admin Staff taking Attendance registers on Laptop / Desktop computer

A key task for all staff that are responsible for leading a club or activity is to record an attendance register.  This can be done on laptop, or on a mobile device - see here for the mobile view.

1. Click on the event in your calendar

2. This takes you to the event details.  Click on the Register tab.

3. There are a number of features and filters available on the register:


  • Show Consent Notes - Any notes added by parents at the time they consented to the event
  • Show Attendance Notes - Any notes added by staff (next to excused)
  • Show Date of Birth
  • Show Class
  • Show Year (filterable dropdown menu)

     2. Show / Hide Previous Event & Show / Hide Next Event - Shows time, name and location of previous/ next event for the student

     3. Shortcut button for marking all present/ absent

     4. Notify Parents / Staff of Absentees - These buttons will become available if a student is marked Absent.  (Please note, your school may choose to not to see the "Notify Parents of Absentees" button if preferred)

The register saves in realtime so that other staff members can also take the register at the same time, for example,  if there is a particularly large group.

4. Two members of staff can take the register at the same time.  If a member of staff marks a student with a conflicting status, a "Resolve Attendance State"  button appears which leads to a pop-up box asking the second member who is taking the register.


5. Underneath the register a date is recorded to show when it was last updated.  

If any of the students are absent you have the option of notifying parents and/or staff members. The staff member who has been given the Absentee Alert role will receive the email alert.  Any parent/guardian contact linked to the student will receive the email notification.  If you don't push these buttons no notifications will be sent but the register will be saved.

When the register has been saved, a green tick mark will appear next to the event. An example of this has been shown in the image below.  (You may need to refresh the page to see this).