Non-Admin Staff taking Attendance registers

Non-Admin Staff taking Attendance registers 

A key tasks for all staff that are responsible for managing a club or activity is to record an attendance register.

This can be done in SchoolsBuddy either on the mobile app, desktop computer/laptop or on the web via a mobile device. Either method will result in a similar view and experience.


1. Click the event that you need to record attendance for. Most often this is occuring the day of the event and should be one of the events at the top of the list.

2. If on the desktop/laptop you will see more space and information a quick method to record the attendance.
(YES - Someone is present, NO - Not arrived, LATE - Arrived but came late, EXCUSED - Has been excused for any number of reasons.)


The views are similar on the web or the app.



What do the different buttons mean?

Add additional students to an event 'on the fly'. Please note: that is this is a group with other recurring events then students could be added to these other events.

Save & notify parents of absentees
If anyone is marked as a NO, then by pressing this button the parents will receive an Absentee email and 'push notification - to check email' explaining that their son/daughter was not present at the event.

(This button can be disabled for the entire school)

Standard save ensures the attendance is recorded. At this point the parents and other staff members can see the status of the event.

>> Show
This will display any events that the list of attendees has for the same day but after this current event (see below).​​​​​​​