Non- admin staff taking a register (mobile app / web)

1. The Register views are similar on the web or the app. The mobile app shows a shortcut to the Diary / Calendar under "Registers Not taken":


2. The Diary / Calendar defaults to show todays events.  There is a filter button for Parents' Evening events which can be deselected if staff want to hide these and just see other groups quickly.



3. Click on the event to see the Register.  This is the default screen; the "Register drop down menu shows the other tabs available: 

Details contains information about the event.  

Edit is where you can edit, delete or cancel the event.

Guardians contains parent/ guardians contact details for quick access.

Send Communication can be used to send messages to the group, or cancel the event and send a message.

Medical gives quick access to medical details (collected by a custom data form or from your MIS - contact SchoolsBuddy for more details)

Tagged Data shows the information collected from custom data forms.  If you would like to collect extra details that would be useful for staff to see please contact SchoolsBuddy to set this up.

4. There are a number of features and filters available on the register:

  • Show Consent Notes - Any notes added by parents at the time they consented to the event
  • Show Attendance Notes - Any notes added by staff (next to excused)
  • Show Date of Birth
  • Show Class
  • Show Year (filterable dropdown menu)
  • Show / Hide Previous Event & Show / Hide Next Event - Shows time, name and location of previous/ next event for the student
  • Shortcut button for marking all present/ absent
  • Notify Parents / Staff of Absentees - These buttons will become available if a student is marked Absent. (Please note, your school may choose to not to see the "Notify Parents of Absentees" button if preferred)

5. Two members of staff can take the register at the same time.  If a member of staff marks a student with a conflicting status, a "Resolve Attendance State"  button appears which leads to a pop-up box asking the second member who is taking the register .


6.  The options to Notify Staff/ Parents of Absentees are at the bottom of the register as well as the top.  At the bottom there is also an option to download or print the register, and the timestamp of when the register was last taken.