Checking data to ensure parents are linked to students

Checking data to ensure parents are linked to students

Within SchoolsBuddy we have some pre-built queries to enable you ensure your parents data is as good as possible.

Login as an admin and visit the Reception / Registers tab.

Click on Predefined Search Query radio button and choose from the dropdown of queries to help you.

Definition of the queries below:-

*Important starting queries

*Pupils with no linked accounts
Show a list of students who do not have at least one linked parent account.

Pupils with inactive parent accounts
At the start this should be the same count as all of your students as none of your parents are live. Useful as you can track initial signups and usage.

Pupils who have never attended an activity
Useful later to see those students that have not been in at least one activity since the inception of SchoolsBuddy at your school.

*Pupils where all linked accounts are missing an email address
Shows a list of all students whereby all of their linked accounts (parents) are missing an email address. Parents can be imported if they have a mobile number but not an email in which case they are generated a 'dummy' random email.

*Pupils with all linked accounts having no mobile numbers
Useful for safeguarding and checking of your own MIS/SIS to see if all students have at least one parent with a mobile number.

Parents with no mobile number
Displays a list of parents with no mobile number.

Parents and students with missing MIS Id
Displays a list of manually entered parents and students (Not always correct but if the student / parent has come from an MIS / SIS link their MIS ID will never be empty.

PLEASE NOTE: If you update your MIS / SIS system to try and fix some of these issues please note updates to SchoolsBuddy only happen overnight so please check again the next day.