Manually linking a parent to a student

Manually linking a parent to a student

If a MIS / SIS integration is present (i.e ManageBac, ISAMS, Capita SIMS, PowerSchool, etc) then the relationships between Students and Parents should automatically be imported. However, in some circumstances there may be occasions where a parent is not linked correctly to all of their children. 

Normally this can be solved by checking the MIS / SIS data and how the records are setup within that system and then overnight that is updated. SchoolsBuddy does allow for this to be manually updated.

We recommend this only when the parent record has an MIS ID present in their record as this denotes they are connected to the MIS and will be updated if that record changes.


  • Linked accounts cannot see other linked accounts. 
  • A manually created dummy parent account is useful for a staff users to setup with their personal email address to enable them to login as a parent and see what a parent would see. In this case they could be linked to different students from different years / grades.
  • A manually created parent account should be a last resort when trying to connect a parent to a student that exists within an MIS / SIS record.

Example Scenario below is where Jim Smith is correctly linked to one son Harry but is not linked to Declan, everything looks ok in the MIS/SIS but the record is not coming through.

1. Search for parent who is complaining that they cannot see all of their children to book onto activities.


2. Note that the MIS Id record normally denotes that the record has been initially connected and inserted into SchoolsBuddy viaa MIS/SIS connection.

3. Note down the Email Address for Jim Smith. (Copy, ready to paste later)

4. Find the other student, in this case Declan Smith.

5. As you can see the parent record for Jim Smith is missing. To add some click the '+ add' button when viewing the linked account.

VERY IMPORTANT - if the email address does not exist within SchoolsBuddy this will create a manually created parent account within SchoolsBuddy.

6 .The parent is now linked to both children to above is the linked view while viewing the student but if you click the eye icon you can see the parents record.

Much like adding the link you can also remove the link using the trash can icon.