Searching for users (including deleted users)

Searching for users (including deleted users)

To search for users in SchoolsBuddy visit the Reception / Registers | Users tab.

Within the search box you can opt to search for any string of text or email address. Any part of a name (first name or surname) will be searched.

By default only students / pupils are searched. If you want to include Parents & Staff in the search then click these buttons too.

What about 'Include Deleted'

Please note: When a user is deleted via an MIS / SIS update and then undeleted SchoolsBuddy does not undelete that user within SchoolsBuddy this must be a manual process.

To search for those users that have been deleted, click the 'Include Deleted' option and this will also show deleted users in the search. The deleted search will include users that have been flagged as deleted or parents that have deleted links to students.

You can RESTORE users, and if this is a student you can also include an option to restore their linked parent accounts.

Please note: If a parent shows up in the search but not in the main search without include deleted set then they are linked to a student but those links have been deleted.

These links can be restored manually via the student record within SchoolsBuddy on the 'linked' tab - Please see click here to see how.