How to add a Staff member to SchoolsBuddy


Please note, staff members should be imported from your MIS. If they are not being automatically imported please contact SchoolsBuddy to resolve.

Staff should only be manually added if there is a reason they cannot be created in your MIS.

N.B. with PowerSchool integration only Teaching Staff are imported.  Other staff should be manually added.

1. Click on 'Reception'.

2. Click on 'Users'

3. Click 'Add Staff'.  If you wish to limit their permissions, use 'Add External User' .

Staff User: Access to all data within the system.  See Staff Roles for additional permissions.

External User: Can only see information related to their group or activity.  They have granular permissions for messages, registers, guardians & medical information which can be configured for the External user group (see this article for more details).  Please contact Support for more information on this.

4. Fill in the details and click 'Save'.  

The only required fields are 'First name', 'Last name' and 'Email address'. 

System generate email - If you are adding a staff member for display purposes only and don't wish them to have SchoolsBuddy access you can create a dummy email by clicking 'System generate email' 

MIS Id - Leave this blank.  Staff with MIS records should not have additional records created as this causes issues in the system. New members of staff will be imported on a daily basis.


Once you have added staff, set up their permission under the Staff Roles tab.