Restoring Students previously marked as Leavers

Currently we do not make students active again once they have been marked as a leaver.

This is a bug that will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases. For now, finding students who are deleted, fully deleting them and then restoring them will correct this, providing they have been removed from the leaver (former student) feed. If they still show as leavers in your school's MIS this will happen again in the overnight sync.
  1. Locate the Student in Reception | Users by searching with 'Include Deleted' ticked
  2. Click into the record
  3. Click Delete in the bottom left of the screen
  4. Click Delete in the pop up window
  5. The page will refresh and a Restore button will now show in the bottom left of the screen
  6. Click Restore
  7. Tick to 'Restore any linked accounts associated with this person' on the pop up
  8. Click Restore on the pop up
  9. Check the linked parents shown are correct