Using the Reports interface

Once your report has been selected, the preliminary data will appear in the main section of the page and will be ready to manipulate using the desired date range and filters.

To use a filter:

1. Left click the filter arrow
2. From the drop down box select your required filter by left clicking the arrow at the top right of the filter
3. Select your criteria
4. Select your date range
5. Left click apply filter


To export a report:


1. Move your mouse to the top right of the report
2. Left click the three dots that appear
3. Left click export data from the pop up menu
4. Choose your file format
5. Left click the yellow export button

Printing a report

SB Reports is Microsoft Power BI Embedded. While this product offers flexible and quick to build reports it has some limitations and one is printing. Printing is a print screen function and one that is not 'fantastic'. Printing large or multiple page documents simply doesn't work.  If you find that you do need to print a document within reports, we suggest the following method:

1. We recommend using Full screen mode before printing. Left click the full screen button next to the print button.
2. Press the print screen button on your keyboard to create a screenshot of your data
3. Paste the screenshot into your desired program and save as a pdf ready to print

Using Focus Mode 

Focus mode is useful as it highlights the selected information and removes everything else from the screen.  To apply focus mode move your mouse to the top of the report and left click the box to the left of the three dots.  

Using focus mode in conjunction with full screen, will enable you to gain the biggest screen area possible for printing or screen grabbing your report.

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