What reports are available within SchoolsBuddy

Reception tab reports

Attendance Dashboard - View the most recent absentees (filter by grade/year and event type), check to see which staff members are not taking attendance registers, and view the students who have attended the most.

ECA/CCA Catalogue - List of group/clubs per container
Useful for sending onto prospective parents or sharing with a marketing team.

Parents Evening /PTC overviews - View statistics of the number of booked appointments (and by year/grade).
Track and compare PTC/Parents evenings across a school year

Student groups by Container - A live view of which students are in which group by container. View/sort by student name or activity group.
One of the most commonly used reports. Can be used for importing back into MIS/SIS systems

Student Selections/allocations by Container - Check student preference selections for containers and also allocation results
This is often used prior to 'generating events' as a final check (while not necessary some like the overview the spreadsheet can provide).

Please note: This report is NOT live. Once you have allocated your students and generated events this report will not be updated past that point.

Fees tab reports

Event (School Trip) Finance Reports - See a summary about a specific trip. Total charged, received and outstanding

Finance Dashboard - Main report used for reconciling payment providers. Multiple tabs to view a group summary, event summary, billing/group code summary and more.

Finance Summary by Container - Check outstanding fees for a particular container(s)

Please note: In order to access the Fees reports you must first be assigned a Fees Admin role.