Linking your SchoolsBuddy calendar to Apple Calendar (Macbook, iMac)

Linking your SchoolsBuddy Calendar to Apple Calendar (Macbook, iMac)

1. Log into SchoolsBuddy. 

2. Click the 'Profile' tab. 

3. Click the 'Diary' tab. 

4. Click the 'Get iCal Link' tab. 

5. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on screen like the one shown in the image below. You must from here copy the iCal link, to do this click the 'Copy to clipboard' tab. When the linked has been copied, click the blue 'Ok' tab. 

6. Open the Calendar app. 

7. When the app has opened, click File and then the 'New Calendar Subscription' option. 

8. Paste the URL into the Calendar URL and click the blue 'Subscribe' 

9. Following this, you can select different preferences regarding the calendar such as editing the name of the calendar. When finished, click the blue 'Ok' tab. 

10. The calendar will now be added to your iMac calendar and the confirmed events within SchoolsBuddy will show within your calendar.