Using Single Sign-on (SSO) to access SchoolsBuddy

We currently offer Single Sign-on access to SchoolsBuddy via ManageBac, Google, Microsoft Office365, AzureAD and Firefly.  If you would like us to configure this for your school, or would like to ask about other SSO options,  please contact us.

When we have configured SSO, you will see a button on the login page which takes you to your chosen provider's login page.  Parents, students and staff will be able to choose whether they log in with their SchoolsBuddy email address and password or with the chosen SSO provider. If you are already logged in with them, your email will be authenticated and you will be logged straight in to SchoolsBuddy. 

There are a couple of considerations:

1. The login option will be available to parents, students (if applicable) and staff. 

2. They will need an account that matches the email address you have stored for them in SchoolsBuddy and their SchoolsBuddy account must be activated before they can use SSO.

We do not currently use SSO in our mobile apps so it can only be used for web login at the moment. However, we are developing a new mobile app currently which will have SSO as well as other quick ways to login, such as Face ID and Fingerprint ID. We hope to have this ready for the next academic year.

With all SSO configurations parents always need to be sent an activation email prior to trying to login via SSO options. This is an important way to control access to the system, particularly at the start of the academic year when students and parents may have been added to SchoolsBuddy but purposely not yet activated.  See how to Send an Activation Email here.