Removing Students from Instant Book Bookings and Attendance Registers

Removing Students from Bookings and Attendance Registers

To cancel a booking for an instant book event (and remove the student/member from the attendance register) please follow the details below:-

1. Click on  Activities &Clubs (this may be called something else according to your school/club's preferences) and find the relevant container.  Click Manage.

 Select  View Events/ Bookings.  Click on the date of the session you would like to cancel for the student/ member.  The Attendees list is displayed with a trash can icon next to each name.  To delete the booking, click the icon. 


This will open the delete booking window and on here you have the option to adjust all charges to zero.  This option is on by default but can be removed by clicking the checkbox to remove the green mark.

 To delete the booking simply click the delete booking button.  This will reduce the charges (if selected) and return any paid monies to the Parent wallet. The Student will be removed from the Register as well as the event being removed from their diary.