Making an Instant Book & Pay Manual Booking

1. Click the 'Activities Sign up Admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences)


2. Click the blue 'Manage' tab on the correct container.


3. Click the 'Manual Booking' tab.

4. Type the name of the pupil into the search bar, then select the pupil.


5. When selected, the bookable events within the container will be listed.

6. Click the tick box next to the event you wish to manually book for the pupil.

7. When you have selected the correct events, click the blue 'Book' tab located at the top or bottom of the page.


8. When selected, a list of the selected events will be listed.


If there is not a fee involved, click the 'Confirm and Record Fee 0.00' button and scroll down to the next step.
If there is a fee involved with the booking, you have 2 options: 'Pay using parent balance' or 'Confirm and Record Fee'

If you wish to 'Pay using parent balance', and the option is available you can click on the button and any available balances will appear.


Click on the correct available 'Credit Balance' or 'Voucher Balance' boxes (available payments are highlighted in a light orange colour) Please note that Voucher Balances can go overdrawn.


Then click the 'Pay' button

If you click 'Confirm and Record Fee', the fee will be added to the balance of the parent for them to be able to pay off in their account.

9. The manual booking has now been completed and the pupil has been booked onto the event.


10. The pupil/parent will also receive a manual booking confirmation email. An example of this is shown in the image.