Creating an Instant Book and Pay Sign Up (School Trip)

Creating an Instant Book and Pay Event on SchoolsBuddy - School Trip Example

Instant Book and Pay Events are a great option if you want to give Parents/Students the option of signing up. This sign-up option is perfect for School Trips, Breakfast Clubs, Wraparound care events, and After School Clubs (that are not a preference based sign up). THIS OPTION SHOULD BE USED IF YOU ARE HAPPY FOR PARENTS TO SELF SELECT THEIR CHILDREN INTO THE EVENTS. (Please note: you can control who can see which events they are able to book by filtering each group by Year, Grade or any other Group in the system).

This article will guide you through the process of creating an Instant Book and Pay sign up for a School Trip.

1. Click the 'Activities, Clubs & Bookings Admin' tab (this may be labelled differently due to your School's preferences), then click the blue 'Add' button

2. Fill in the details for School trips and excursions

  • Sign Up Title: e.g. School Trips and Excursions - 2019/2020
  • Description: Any information that is relevant to all school trips.
  • Sign Up type: Select 'Instant book and pay' from the drop-down bar

Upon selecting the Sign Up Type, additional options will open up below:

3. Fill in the correct details surrounding the School Trip

  • Maximum Bookable events per group: Leave this as 0 as the groups will be organised by year and there may be multiple trips per year.
  • Responsibility for confirmation: Leave Parents only highlighted green, or switch to Students or Parents or Students only according to your School’s preferences.
  • Sign up opens: Date when sign up opens (when parents can start booking)
  • Sign up closes: Date when sign up closes (e.g. if you are creating the container for the term/year, when is the last day that parents should be able to sign up for your trips?)
  • Use organisation block dates?: This defaults to on and will use your block dates that have been set at an organisational level. Don't use these if you want to run trips in half term for example.
  • Accept Voucher Payments: Only select this if childcare vouchers will be accepted for all trips.
  • Terms & Conditions: You can enter any terms & conditions that apply to all trips.  Trip-specific T's & C's will be entered at a later stage.

When the correct details have been entered click the green save button on the lower right of the screen.

4. Once saved, the Container will be created and you will be brought to the Container home screen.

You will now need to create groups for the school trips. to manage availability  To do this click the blue 'Add' button on the right-hand side.  We recommend organising trips by year group. as most trips are usually available to a grade/year group.


5. Fill in the correct details regarding the School Trip. 

  • Title: Title of the Group (Parents/Students will see this)
  • Description: Description of the Group (Parents/Students will see this)
  • Available to / Pre-requisite / Un-available to:  When selected, a pop-up box will appear on the screen. This will determine who can sign up for the School Trip. Use the drop-down box and search bar to search for the Year/Grade or Group that will be able to sign up. When the correct Year/Grade or Group has been found, select the ‘Add’ and then the green ‘Continue’ tab.
  • Gender: Gender of the group is filtered for availability
  • Lead Staff Member: Which Staff Member will be the organiser of the group
  • Activity: This will be Other 
  • Default Location: Location of the School Trip - you can also use this for a meeting point e.g. School bus stop
  • Group code / Billing code: use these if your school has specific codes to use for reconciliation

Once completed click the green save button to create your Group.  This Group will now appear in the Container home screen.

6. If you don't want to use the Organisation block dates, or you want to add more block dates that don't apply at organisation level, you have the option to add container-specific block dates on the next tab.  In this case it is just using the organisation block dates and these are listed for visibility.

7. Once all your groups are set up, click on the 'Create Events' button to schedule specific trips, then click on the  'Add New' button on the right-hand side

7. Next add the specific details of the school trip.  Note that vital information and additional information are both visible to Parents at the time of booking.  

Scroll down and continue filling in the details and when you are complete click the green 'Create Rule' button.

If you leave the Sign up Opens/ Closes dates blank on the event rule they default to the dates set for the container and the event start date if its before the container's close date.  In this case, the sign up open date has been set to open at the same time as the whole container becomes available, and this individual trip sign up closes on 12th January.

Now the trip has been created you will be shown a preview prior to publishing.  If you need to make any changes then click the green edit button on the right-hand side.  If you need to create multiple similar events then you can also use the blue copy button on the right-hand side below the edit button. When everything is complete it will be time to publish the events.

8. Click on the 'Publish Events' tab to be brought to the publishing screen.  You will see your Event listed and this gives you a chance to double check the details before publishing.  You will need to check the tick box confirming that you understand that upon publishing that the Event will be visible to Parents as soon as the Sign up period opens.  You cannot click the Publish button without confirming your understanding.  Check the confirmation box then click the green Publish button on the lower left of the screen.

 One final confirmation box will show and you will need to click the blue Publish button to proceed or the orange Cancel button to return to the previous screen

When you click "Publish" the events will be generated.  This may take a couple of minutes depending on how many events there are to be published.

9.  Once the Events are published and the sign up is open, Parents will be able to book the event and staff can make manual bookings on their behalf.  Trips can be managed from the View Events/ Bookings page in case any cancellations are taken.

Staff can also see the trips in the Reception > Registers page: