Staff Discounts For Wraparound Care

This document is going to outline how you can achieve discounts for staff children attending wraparound care events. e.g. Breakfast clubs.

Step 1: Click on 'Actvities & Clubs' (This may be labelled slightly differently for your organisation). Select the 'Instant book' container or there may already be a tab labelled 'Wraparound Care'


Step 2:  Select the container you require. This should have already been created and select 'Manage'. If the container has not been created this will need to be created first.

Click here to Create a wraparound container


Step 3: If you have not already created a custom group of staff children this will need to be done first.

Click here to read how to Create a custom group

Select the tab 'Groups' and then click 'Add'


Give the group a title, make sure you add 'Staff Children' so you can easily identify the group, e.g. 'Breakfast Buddies - Staff Children'. Select 'Available to' and select the custom group 'Staff Children'


Step 4:

(1) Select 'Create events'

(2) For 'Create for groups', select the group created earlier - 'Staff Children'

(3) For the cost type, choose 'Free' or 'Chargeable'. If you select Chargeable, add the price that staff are required to pay

(4) Check activity dates and the Days of the Week are correct. These have been pulled from the container onto the event

(5) Check the start and end times and change if required

(6) Click 'Create rule'


Step 5: Select 'Publish Events', check the 'I confirm' box and then click 'Publish'

This is now available for staff to book.