Clone Container (Repeat Last Term's Events)


Clone container is a quick way to set up your activities for next term, using the groups and events you created for this term.  This can be used for Parent Teacher Conferences, Wraparound Care, School Trips, Holiday Camps, Tickets and more.

The feature works in the same way for each activity type.  Here's an example of a school with Wraparound care clubs that will be run again next term.  Looking at their original, published events for Stay & Play Club, you can see they have a lot of different options - Individual sessions with different time lengths and costs, a standard group and a discounted group for staff children as well as block bookings for each day of the week e.g. Mondays.  Setting all of this up again would be time consuming, but with Clone container it will take just a few clicks.



1. Start in the Activities & Clubs module

2. Select the Wraparound Care section

3.  Find the original container and click the Clone button



4. A pop up window appears and is auto-populated with default information.  Check and amend the details, taking care to differentiate using the Sign Up Title (overall container name) and the Group Title Suffix - both of these will help you to easily identify and manage groups in SchoolsBuddy and in reports.  (N.B. The Group Title Suffix should be preceded by a space, or other punctuation).  

Set the Activities Start and End Dates for the overall duration of the term's activities.  The Default Start and End Times will have copied from your previous container so probably don't need to be changed; these are the most common start and end times if you have different length sessions.

Set the Sign Up Opens & Closes dates for the dates and times you would like bookings to be open from and until.  We recommend making the Sign Up Opens  date a date in the future so that you can check over your container before it becomes visible to parents.


5. A confirmation message appears.  Click OK to see the new container and groups beneath.

6. If you would like to make any changes to your container you can edit the details under Groups (availability, lead staff organiser etc.) or Create Events (prices, times etc.).  If not, skip straight to the Block Dates tab and check the block dates have been set for your organisation.  Click here to see how to add or change your organisation's block dates.


7. Lastly, click on on Publish Events to review and confirm everything that has been copied across.


Check the box and click Publish. The confirm once more by pressing Publish in the pop up warning message.



8.  Wait a few minutes while events are generated, then you will be able to check these under Existing Events.