Adding additional Pupils to a Group

Adding additional Pupils to a Group in SchoolsBuddy 


1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab. 

2. Click the 'Groups' tab. 

3. Use the filters to find the correct group. If you are searching for a group that you are not the organising, you must unclick the 'My Groups' toggle box.

4. When the correct group has been found, select it. 

5. Click 'Pupils' tab. 

6. You can either add one pupil or multiple, click either the blue 'Add' or 'Add' multiple tab. 

7. To add the pupil, click the green '+' symbol. When selected, they will appear under the 'Selected' column. You can also remove staff members by clicking the red trash icon. 

8. When the correct pupils have been selected, click the green 'Save' tab. 

9. The pupil changes will now have been applied to the group. An example of this is shown in the image below.