Understanding and Choosing Communication Preferences

When creating an event you are able to specify different communication preferences. These dictate how a parent and / or pupil receive and reply to event notifications and invitations.  In the Organising tab, when adding a new event you will see the following options (some may not appear depending on the event type selected)


1. Sending Availability Requests / Consent Requests with manual selection

This enables you to send availability / consent requests to specific members of the group, for example a selected sports team from a wider group. You invite the selected students, they/their parents receive an invite notification and can respond with their availability/consent. You can then complete the manual selection process. Ideal for sporting fixture, school trips and more.

2. Sending Availability Requests / Consent Requests with auto-selection

As above, this option enables you to send request to specific members of the group (or all members) but the difference between this and manual selection is that with auto selection when anyone confirms their availability (student) or responds to a parent consent (parent) the student is automatically selected for the event with no further process necessary.

Please note: If there is a fee for the event it will be added to the pupil account at the point of selection - this will happen automatically with the auto selection option, or when you manually select with the first option. 

3. Auto Notify

Use this option for events that do not require a response from the parent/student. For example, a regular training event or assembly. Using this option will populate the diaries of the parent and students but will only send an email to the student (where applicable) and not the parent.  With Auto-Notify events, it is not possible to select specific members of a group, the whole group will receive the event notification.

4. Notify Only

This is the same as Auto Notify except you can select which members of the group are notified.  This option will not request availability or consent.