Creating Events School Trips / Sporting Fixtures for a Group/Sports Team with Parent Consent

Creating Events Schools Trips / Sporting Fixtures for a Group/Sports Team with Parent Consent

Events can be created in two ways in SchoolsBuddy.  For help creating Sporting Fixtures please click here

  • From the 'My Organising' tab.  These events allow for consent requests to be sent to the pupil/parent.  It can be also be used for events which are mandatory and need no consent/ sign up.


  • From within the Activities& Clubs Admin/Bookings Tab. Created by a staff member where the parent/pupil can self select and book themselves onto the event.

This article explains the first option, if you are happy to create events which parents can self-select their children onto the events and activities please click here to see how to setup this up.

An example of events whereby you require parent consents can be a sporting fixture or school trip. Fees can also be charged at the point of parents giving consent.

1. Click the 'Organising' tab. 


2. Click the 'Add Event' tab. 


4.  Pick an event type from the list (these may be labelled differently due to your school's preferences).


5. When selected, you will be taken to the event creation page.

6. Click the desired communication preference.


Communication Preferences

Communication preference dictates how a parent/pupil receive event invitations and notifications.   

  • Send Availability/Consent Requests with the manual selection:-
    • You invite them, they receive an invite notification and can respond. From there you can then do the manual selection process. Ideal for a sporting fixture, a school trip and many more uses.
      • Will send as email and push notification.
  • Send Availability/Consent Requests with auto selection:-
    • same as manual selection, however, when anyone responds to an availability request the pupil is automatically selected for the event or recorded as a no depending on the answer given by the parent/ pupil.
      • Will send as email and push notification.
  • Auto-notify
    • for events that do not require a response from the parent/pupil. This could be a regular training event or assembly. This will populate the diaries of the parent and pupils but will not send an email notification to the parent. Auto-notify sends email notifications to the members (students) in the group.
  • Notify only (without Availability Requests)
    • the same as Auto Notify except you get to choose which members of the group are notified.

7. Click or ignore the parental consent section. 


Parent Consent

If you are a primary school and pupils have no access to SchoolsBuddy this parent consent required box will be ticked by default and won't be able to change. However, if your pupils have access to SchoolsBuddy and you wish to send the invite to just them and not parents, untick the parental consent required tick box. 

8. If you wish to add a fee for the event/s, click yes and type the fee into the box displayed. If there is no fee, select No. 


PLEASE NOTE: When you add fees in this type of setup the fees are charged at the point of selection. Normally, therefore you would choose 'Send availability/Consent requests with auto selection' as the communication method so fees are charged to the students account as soon as the parent gives consent.

9. Choose the event type. 


10. Select the Attendees and add the Opponent name. 


  • Who is invited: select either a group or year/grade
  • For Who: select the corresponding group or year/grade
  • Title: type in the name of the event/s

11. Fill in the information regarding the event. 

When and Where 

  • From: When the event starts (date & time)
  • To: When the event ends (date time) PLEASE NOTE: This must be a singular session. If the event repeats this is filled in later.
  • Venue: either Home or Away
  • Where: either select the location from the drop-down bar or create a location.
  • Meeting at: fill in the location and meeting time.


12. Type any vital or additional information surrounding the event into the text boxes.


13. If the event is not a one-off and is repeating, fill in the details. 


14. Select, the Event Organiser. This will be the lead organiser of the event (you can create events for other staff users)  


15. When the correct details have been entered click the green 'Save' tab. 

16. Now the event has been created, you will be taken to the event organising screen.

17. Pupils must now be invited or notified. To do this, select 'Availability/Consent' tab. 


18. From this screen, you can either invite all pupils, invite selected pupils, or manually select the event preferences for the pupil. When the correct function has been performed click the green 'Save/Send' tab. 


Click 'Save/Send'

If you don't need consent, for instance you are organising the event and your own child is included, you can click 'Yes' to confirm the child without an email invitation. 

19.  When the pupil is invited the pupil/parent will receive an event invitation. An example of this is shown in the image below. 



20. When pupil/parents have responded to invites, this will be displayed within the event organising screen. 


If you have selected manual selection, you can make the selection for the event within the 'Selection' tab under the 'Pre Event' section in the event organising screen. 

21. Click 'Notify Staff' to  select any additional staff members that need the event in their calendar.


22. The Parent Notice or Pupil Notice can be used to send updates out before the event.



23. In the post Event section you can record registration, who played & who subbed, the results and statistics and you can send a match report out to parents with the results.