Creating a Group

Creating a Group with SchoolsBuddy

Groups within SchoolsBuddy are an essential part of the SchoolsBuddy software. Groups within SchoolsBuddy can be created in two different locations:- 
  1. Reception/Registers tab | Groups tab 
  2. Activities & Clubs Admin (maybe labelled differently due your School's preferences) | within Container
This article gives instructions on how to create a group within the 'Reception/Registers' tab. The group created will be a stand-alone group and not associated with a container. 

1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab. 

2. Click the 'Groups' tab. 

3. Located in this tab are all the groups created within your School's SchoolsBuddy. As a default, the groups in which you are the lead organiser will be displayed within a list on the left side of the screen. 

4. To create a new group, click the blue 'Add Group' tab. 

5. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on screen like the one shown in the image below. Fill in the details as follows:- 
  • Name: name of the group/team
  • Grade: year or grade of the group/team
  • Activity: sport or activity of the group/team
  • Gender: gender of the group/team 
When the correct details have been entered, click the blue 'Add' tab. 

6. The group has now been created. You must add pupils to the group. 

7. To do this, click the 'Pupils' tab. 

8. From there you can either add a singular pupil or add multiple pupils. To do this, click either tab. 

9. When clicked a pop-up box will appear on the screen like the one shown in the image below. To add pupils to the group/team, click the '+' symbol.
  • Pupils can be filtered by using the filter tools above the pupil selection box
  • Selected pupils will appear in the selected column 
  • Pupils can be removed clicking the red trash can symbol. 
When the correct pupils have been added to the group, click the green 'Save' tab. 

10. The pupils will now be listed within the group/team under the pupil's tab. Pupils/parents will not be notified when they are added to a group/team, however, the group will appear in their group's list within the SchoolsBuddy pupil/parent portal. 

11. You can also perform a variety of functions from within the group such as:- 
  • Add more pupils 
  • Add more staff (organisers) 
  • Send communications 
  • View the guardians of the group (quick access to pupil/parent information including email and phone number)