How to create a Yes/No survey

1. Click on Organising

2. Click Add Event

3. Choose 'ECA' (this may be labelled differently for your school)

4. Check the 'Send Availability/Consent Requests with manual selection' box

5. Check the 'Parental Consent Required' box

6. Enter your question in the 'Consent Message' box explaining what to do for a 'Yes/No' answer

7. Choose who is invited (Year / Group)

8. For the title, this could be the actual question you wish to ask.

9. For the Date, time and venue, this is not important but choose a date in the future (the event will not actually happen)

10. Click 'Save'

11. Click 'Availability/Consent' to select the students

12. Select the students you wish to 'Invite' or click 'All' to select all

13. Click 'Save/Send'

14. Now when parents start to respond, the numbers in the green, red and orage boxes will change under 'Pre Event (No Fee)


15. The green numbers are the 'Yes' answers and the red numbers are the 'No' answers. If you click on the 'Availability/Consent', you will see lists of those students who are Yes, No and Awaiting Response. Once the “Event” date has passed, you will be able to see the final result of your ‘Survey’. There is no need to Confirm the selection.