'What's Next' Feature Explained

'What's Next' Feature Explained

Introduced Q1 2020


What is it?

The ‘What’s Next’ feature is a tab shown within a Group which displays the group members’ event timetable.

To view this, go to the main Reception tab (1), then to the Groups tab (2) and search for your required Group (3).

Once the Group is clicked on from the list (4), all tabs relevant to that Group will display with ‘What’s Next’ showing first (5).


How to use it

Students in the Group will be listed in the first column (1).

There is a date filter (2) as well as a Day or Weekly view (3).

From there the results can be filtered by Group, Year/Grade and Class (4).

The view can then be Printed or Downloaded (5).



This feature enables teachers and admin staff to see events over a chosen period, for certain students.

Below are a couple of examples where this feature could be of great benefit:

  • a new Group could be created for students who are regularly absent, so can then be monitored by a relevant member of staff
  • a House could be easily monitored by the House Master