What a parent sees when they are asked to give consent/ availability

When you create an event that requires parents to give consent or confirm availability they will receive an email notification asking them to log in to SchoolsBuddy. 

After they log in they will see an 'Invitations' section on their dashboard where they can click 'More Information'.

Parents can see full details of the event, date, time location and other information.  They can check the box next to the statement 'I confirm that I agree to the conditions of this event' and click 'Yes, I give consent' 

or decline the invitation.  They can also write a note in the box if required eg. "I can't take my son to this fixture can he get a lift in the minibus?" 


If the school organiser has chosen to auto-select after consent, this event will automatically be entered into their school diary.

 The organiser also has an option to gather consent from all the students, before confirming their selection.  If this is the case, the event will show in the parent's calendar as pending selection:


At the point of selection (either automatically on consent, or after the organiser has selected), the parent will also receive an email with the details.