Sending activation emails to filtered recipients

Sending activation emails to filtered recipients 

Within SchoolsBuddy, you have the ability to quickly compile a list of people you wish to send an activation email to. You may want to restrict who has, and hasn't been granted to access to Schoolsbuddy during the roll out of the software to trial it with different Years or Groups.

To send the activation email in bulk: Click Here

1. First, go to the "Reception" tab

Next, select the "Users" tab

2. Then, apply your filters, this can include:

 - Pupils
 - Parents
 - Staff & External Staff members

This can also include:

 - Year groups
 - Groups made within the system

And finally, the ability to filter by anything entered into the search box, such as a name or email provider.

3. Select and filters you wish to apply, then select from the "Activation Status" drop down one of the following options:

"Welcome Message not Sent" - This applies to anyone in the system that has never been sent an activation email. This will be the most common option for sending out your first activation emails, or sending activation emails to new Pupils, Parents or Staff within the system.

"Welcome Message Sent but User not Active" - This applies to anyone that has previously been sent an activation email but didn't proceed to activating their account. This will mainly be used for people who's invite from the original welcome message has expired or their welcome message has either been missed or not received.

"Active Users" - This is used as a method to send any person within the system a Password reset email.

Once you have selected which "Activation Status" option applies to you, select "Search"

4. Once you have searched, you will see a checkable box next to their profile, and a button at the top of the page to send the communication

If you want to drill down further from your selected filters, and only send an activation email to specific people, you have the option to individually toggle the recipients of the activation email, if you want to quickly select everyone from your applied filters, the "Toggle All" button is located under the send button.

5. Finally, once you have selected your recipients, select the "Send Welcome Message"/"Send Password Reset" button, and your activation email will be sent to only the toggled people.