Granting an external provider a limited staff role

Granting an external provider a limited staff role

This action is performed with the Users tab in the Receptions/Registers area.

1. To find the 'Users' tab, click the 'Reception/Registers' tab.
2. Click the 'Users' tab. 
3. Click the new blue button which is labelled 'Add External User'


4/5/6. Fill in the information required in the form

7. By pressing save you will create the external user within SchoolsBuddy, but they won't yet be active.  You will need to send them an activation email by returning to the users tab within the users tab (As above)

Click here to learn how to send an activation email.

Once you have saved the external user they will appear in the same lists as other staff members, and therefore it may be useful to label their name with something that denotes 'external'.




To change any of these permission levels for your school please contact


Student list & attendance register

Details of the event - information including date/time and location

Optional - OFF by default:

View Guardian Information for the students in their group/activity

Send Communications to their group

Edit their own events to update time, day & description but also cancel and delete

View Medical Conditions of the students

Organise additional events for their group