Create Locations

Creating Event Locations in SchoolsBuddy

Events in SchoolsBuddy normally have a location assigned. This could be a classroom, gym, hall, field or front of school (i.e a meeting point). These can be entered very quickly into the system but if you have a very long list please supply the list in a single column spreadsheet and we can import this for you.

Please note: For home locations you do not need to fill in many of the fields, Name and Location Type is enough so the process can be very quick to add a large number of locations. You can also edit and view locations at any time. There is also an event diary for the location which acts like a very basic room booking system.

1. Click the 'Reception' tab. 

2. Click the 'Locations' tab. 

3. Click the blue 'Add' tab. 

4. When selected, the location creation box will appear. 

5. Fill in the correct details surrounding the location. 

6. When the correct details have been entered, click the green 'Save' tab. 

7. The newly created location will be listed in the location list. An example of this has been shown in the image below.