Create Organisation Block Dates

Creating Organisation Block Dates in SchoolsBuddy 

The purpose of Organisation Block Dates are so that a school can setup dates where repeating events will never be created on those days. Normally this would be used for holiday periods or days. 

Please note: From within a container you can set whether to use organisation block dates or not so if you were creating a holiday club you could still create the signup without any issues.

Repeating events created using the core system also uses these block dates. Single events do not look at block dates.

To begin creating please follow the steps below:-

1. Click the 'Reception/Registers' tab. 

2. Click the 'Block Dates' tab. 

3. Enter the to and from dates you wish to block out in the date selection box. Following this, type in the reason these dates are being blocked out. 

4. Click the green 'Add' tab. 

5. The newly created block date will be listed. An example of this has been shown in the image below. 

6. When creating a container for a sign-up you have the option of using organisation block dates. This means any dates entered in the 'Block Dates' tab, no events will be created for those days in the sign-up container. 

7. To enable this, click the 'Use organisation block dates' tick box when creating or editing a container sign-up.