Create a Welcome Message (what a logged in user first sees)

What is a 'Welcome Message'?

SchoolsBuddy gives you the option of creating a welcome message that all users will view when they first log onto SchoolsBuddy. The welcome message can be different for staff, parents and pupils. The possible uses and benefits include:-

  • Often SchoolsBuddy does not contain much data when you first ask your parents to activate their accounts so it is a good way to explain why the school is using SchoolsBuddy and some important dates such as when the first signup will take place.
  • Reiterating important text from within the activation email.  Often users will not read much of any activation email as they are just eager to register so you can use the welcome message to reiterate any key messages or information you need the parent to be aware of.
  • Add in links to specific bespoke instructions or support documents you have created yourself.
This message will be visible on the SchoolsBuddy dashboard on both mobile and web versions.  You can change the message for the different versions, and for staff vs parents.  You can change the message as often as you like, in particular if you have news or a reminder message to make clear.

Please note: This is NOT the same as the activation (welcome) email the parent receives when you send out your initial activation emails, you must contact us to modify the email templates.

Creating a Welcome Message in SchoolsBuddy 

1. Click the 'Reception' tab. 

2. Click the 'Welcome Message' tab. 

3. When selected, you will be taken to the Welcome Message Creation Screen. Within this screen, you will be able to create a Welcome Message for:- 
  • Pupils
  • Pupils (mobile app)
  • Parents
  • Parents (mobile app)
  • Staff
  • Staff (mobile app)
You don't have to add a message in every section if, for example, your pupils don't have their own access to SchoolsBuddy.  You can choose to add different messages for web vs mobile or simply cut and paste to use the same text.

To enter the Welcome Message, click the text box for the intended recipient. You can add different font effects to the Welcome Message by clicking the intended foot effect in the toolbar located above the text box. You can also add images, links, and videos.  

4. When you have entered the intended Welcome Messages, click the green 'Save' tab. 

7. An example of a staff Welcome Message is displayed below.