Allocating Staff Roles

If you are the "Organisation Super Admin" role for your school you will be able to manage a variety of other permissions for your staff from the Reception tab.  If you would like to change your school's "Organisation Super Admin" users please contact us.


Assigning Staff Roles Video


Within SchoolsBuddy, staff can be allocated different roles which in turn gives them different access within your School's SchoolsBuddy. There are 12 staff roles in which staff can obtain within SchoolsBuddy (Staff can have more than 1)

Please note: to allocate staff roles in SchoolsBuddy you must be a Super Organisation Admin.

  • Regular Staff Role:
    • is able to take registers, create groups, organise events (only for own groups), send communications(only for own groups), accept/reject join requests (only for own groups), view their staff schedule.
  • Absentee Alert role:
    • same access as a regular staff user plus when an absentee is recorded they are sent an email communication.
  • Sign up and join requests role:
    • same access as a regular staff user plus they are able to create sign up containers and accept/reject all activity join requests.
  • Fees role:
    • same access as a regular staff user plus they have access to the fee's module.
  • Advanced Fee Admin:
    • is able to process Credits and Withdrawals from the Wallet and carry out Mass Adjustments by Student or Event. Must also have Fees role assigned.
  • Admin role:
    • same access as a regular staff user but can also manage all groups, including sending a communication to all groups / years / grades, organise events for all groups and managing staff admins for all groups. Admins can also respond to join requests, and send out activation emails to users.
  • Communications admin role:
    • same access as a regular staff user but you can send communications the same as a School admin role.
  • Super Organisation Admin role:
    • is given entire access (every role) to your School's SchoolsBuddy. If you need to allocate this role to staff user please contact as this role cannot be allocated in the web staff portal.
  • Transport Admin
    • Staff who can access Transport without configuration rights.
  • Transport Advanced Admin
    • Staff who can access Transport with configuration rights.
  • Transport Alerts
    • Staff who receive Transport Communications.
  • Transport Bus Monitor
    • External Staff who can access Transport Registers.

** By default, the 'Add' button on the Registers is ON for those with the Admin role and OFF for Teachers. If you would like these settings changed contact


1. Click the 'Reception' tab then select 'Staff Roles' from the secondary menu



2. From there, select which role you wish to allocate a staff member.


3. When the staff role has been selected, a list of staff users who currently have that role will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click the blue 'Edit' tab to allocate more staff users this role.


4. When selected, a pop-up box will appear on the screen like the one shown in the image below. The list on the right (Selected) shows all staff who already have this staff roll. To allocate another staff user to this role, click the green '+' next to their name and they will move over to the 'selected column'. If your list of staff is long you can use the name box at the top to search for the person you are looking for.
You can also remove staff user by clicking the red trash icon which moves them back to the left hand column.

When the correct actions have been made you must click the green 'update' button to save your changes.



5. Now the newly allocated staff user/s will be listed on the previous screen.

Please note, although you are able to view Super Admin Users, this role can only be applied to a staff member by SchoolsBuddy.  To request a Super Admin role for a staff member, please email