Understanding the Users tab

Understanding the Users tab in SchoolsBuddy

The user's tab within SchoolsBuddy is essentially a database for all the users in your SchoolsBuddy. In the user's tab, it will show the Staff, Parents and, Pupils within your School. If your School uses an MIS integration link, all the information that is displayed in the User's tab is taken from your MIS system. 

1. To find the 'Users' tab, click the 'Reception' tab. 

2. Click the 'Users' tab. 


Searching for Users

Within the 'Users' tab, you can search for staff, pupils, and parents. Once you have clicked the Users tab, you can use the search box and filters (shown in the image below) to search for the desired user. 

If a pupil or parent has been searched, if you click on their name it will bring up the pupil/parent information page. Within this page, you can view all of the information surrounding either the parent/pupil. An example of this is shown in the image below. 

Searching for Users (Include Deleted) 

If you are searching for a pupil/parent/staff member and they do not seem to be appearing in the Users but are entered in your MIS system, they could have been potentially been flagged as deleted. To make sure you are searching your entire School database, toggle the 'Include Deleted' box when searching for the User. 

Predefined Search Query

In the 'Users' tab of SchoolsBuddy, there is an option to search for Users using a predefined search query. The predefined search query will search the database in a matter of seconds for users that match the criteria of the search query. The following predefined search queries in SchoolsBuddy are:- 
  • Pupils with no linked accounts (this means the pupil has no linked parents) 
  • Pupils with inactive parent accounts (linked parents have never logged into SchoolsBuddy) 
  • Pupils who have never attended an activity 
  • Pupils where all linked accounts are missing an email address 
  • Pupils with all linked accounts having no mobile numbers
  • Parents with no mobile number
  • Parents and students with missing MIS id. 
If a user matches the criteria of the search query they will be listed.