Taking an Attendance Register (via the Reception tab)

Registers can be taken by more than one staff member at once to assist with events where there are a large number of attendees. Updates are saved live with a timestamp. 

  • Click the 'Reception' tab.
  • Click the 'Registers / Events' tab (you will be taken to this tab by default if you have clicked on Reception from another tab).
  • The date fields will default for today and tomorrow's registers. You can change the date, the group, the year, or the organiser filters and choose not to see already completed or deleted registers.  There are also filters to remove fee only events, parent's evening appointments or transport registers from view.
  • Click on a register to select it.

The register will open in the side panel with a number of tabs: 

  • Register is the default register view. There are options to customise your register by toggling on and off the settings below.
  • Consent Notes: If a parent has written any extra consent notes at the time of accepting an invite they will show when this button is enabled.
  • Attendance Notes: This shows any Notes that have been added while recording attendance. This will show under the student's name and on the downloaded CSV file.
  • Date of birth: Will display the student's date of birth
  • Class: Will be able to view the student's class
  • Year: Will be able to view the student's year
  • Select Year: If you have different year groups in the same register but only want to see Years 1, 2 you can tick on the year groups you require.
  • Next/ Previous Events:  A quick way to see where the students are before or after the current event
  • Details contains information about the event. From here you can edit, delete or cancel the event.
  • Guardians contains parent/ guardians contact details for quick access, including quick link phone numbers.
  • Send Communication can be used to send messages to the group, or cancel the event and send a message.
  • Medical gives quick access to medical details (collected by a custom data form or from your MIS - contact SchoolsBuddy for more details) If not using an MIS system admin users can manually update on the student's user.
  • Tagged Data shows the information collected from custom data forms. If you would like to collect extra details that would be useful for staff to see please contact SchoolsBuddy to set this up.

Some schools may give admin users access to see the 'Add' button. This is used to add students to the register without raising any charges.

  • Select the toggle box next to the student's name to record their attendance.
  • Present (Yes)
  • Absent (No) - unexpected absence
  • Excused - expected absence
  • Late - Present but it is noted they were late.
  • Exited- Document the student leaving and with whom
  • The register saves in real time so that other staff members can also take the register at the same time, for example, if there is a particularly large group.
  • Two members of staff can take the register at the same time. If a member of staff marks a student with a conflicting status, a "Resolve Attendance State" button appears.   Click on the button to confirm or cancel the changes.


  • A date of when the register was last updated is shown at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • If any of the students are absent you have the option to notify parents and/or staff members. The staff member who has the Absentee alert role will receive the email alert.  All parent/guardian contacts linked to the student will receive the email notification. If you don't push these buttons no notifications will be sent but the register will be saved with the status indicated.
  • When the register autosaves, a tick mark will appear next to the event although you may need to click 'Refresh' for the register to see this. An example of this has been shown in the image below.
  • A Green tick  denotes that the register is complete, i.e. ALL the students have been marked as one of the options.
  • A Yellow tick denotes that at least one student does not have one of the options marked.
  • A Red tick denotes that the register is complete AND the parents have been notified of absentees.
  • If there is no tick present, then either there are no students assigned to the event or none of the register has yet been taken.