Reception tab Overview

Reception tab Overview in SchoolsBuddy 

Within the Reception tab, you can perform a variety of functions. These functions include taking event Registers, Viewing all groups within the Organisation, Manually adding Pupils and Staff Members, Creating event locations, Creating Organisation block dates, and creating a Parent Welcome Message.


Within the ‘Registers/Events’ tab, you can view event registers, take event registers, and edit events. This tab gives great access for admin users to view events that have been created in SchoolsBuddy. 

To learn how to take a register in the Registers / Events tab, click here
To learn how to edit an event within the Registers/Events tab, click here

Send Communications

The ‘Send Communications’ tab gives you the ability to send communications to Parents, Staff and Pupils. You can send a variety of communications such as email communications and SMS messages (if the module is activated). 

To learn how to send communications in SchoolsBuddy, click here

Registration Groups

The ‘Registration Groups’ tab shows all Groups that are related to Registration purposes such as pupil classes or form groups. Within this tab, you can view where certain Pupils were last Registered. 


The 'Groups' tab is where all the groups created in SchoolsBuddy are located. Within this tab, you can view, edit and create groups in your School's SchoolsBuddy. 

To learn how to create a group, click here


The Users tab is a database for all the staff, pupils, and parents listed in your Schools's SchoolsBuddy. Within this tab, you can search for users and edit users. 

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The locations tab is an overview of all the locations used for all of your Schools events. Within this tab, you can View, Add, and Edit Locations. 

To learn how to create events locations, click here

Welcome Message

Within the ‘Welcome Message’ tab, you have the ability to create a Welcome Message in which Staff Members, Parents, and Pupils will see when they log onto their SchoolsBuddy account for the first time. 

To learn how to create a welcome message, click here

Staff Schedule

The staff Schedule tab shows all the members of staff in SchoolsBuddy and the schedule for certain groups and events. Each staff member is listed with the number of groups and events they are associated. 


The Attendance tab in SchoolsBuddy shows registers from a large time frame in an easy to read format. This information can only be viewed if registers have been taken through SchoolsBuddy. 

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Staff Roles  

The Staff Roles tab can only be accessed by Super Organisation Admin Staff. In this tab, you allocate staff different roles within SchoolsBuddy. 

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Block Dates

Within the ‘Block Dates’ tab, certain dates such as School Half Term Holidays can be added to events to stop any overlapping with School Holidays etc.

To learn how to create organisation block dates, click here