Creating a Match Report

Creating a Match Report in SchoolsBuddy

1. Click the 'My Organising' tab. 

2. Click the Sporting fixture (the date filters can be used if the fixture is not displayed).

3.Click the 'Match Report' tab. 

4.When selected you can now type the match report into the text box. As well as including the typed match report you can include:- 
  • Include the fixture line up 
  • Include Player ratings 
  • Include the final result 
  • Include the statistics 
  • Include player of the match 
To select each attachment, click the toggle box next to the desired attachment. 

5. When the match report has been finished, click the green 'Post' tab to send the match report to parents/pupils. 

6.The parents/pupils will receive an email communication with the match report attached. An example of this is shown in the image below. Parents/pupils will also see the Match Report within the SchoolsBuddy message centre.