Entering Statistics for a Sporting Fixture

Entering Statistics for a Sporting Fixture in SchoolsBuddy

1. Click the 'My Organising' tab. 

2. Click the Sporting fixture (the date filters can be used if the fixture is not displayed).

3. Click the Result/Statistics tab. 

4. From here you can enter/select: 
  • The score of the fixture (this is determined by the sport of the group, it varies for different sports) 
  • If the fixture was a win, lose, or a draw. 
  • Select the Player of the Match by clicking the box next to the Pupils Name
  • How many goals a player scored (this changes depending on sport) 
  • How many Assists a player had (this changes depending on sport) 
  • You can give each player a match rating between 1-10. 
When the correct details have been entered, click the green 'Save' tab. When saved, the parent/pupil will be notified via email that results of the sporting fixture have been added.

5. If you wish to view the Statistics of a sports team. Select the 'Groups' tab via the 'Home' Screen. 

6. Select the group you wish to view. 

7. Click the 'Stats' tab and from here the Statistics of the group will be displayed.