Creating a Sporting Fixture

Creating a Sporting Fixture in SchoolsBuddy

1. Click the 'My Organising' tab from the 'Home' Screen. 

2. Click the blue '+Add Event' tab. 

3. Click the 'Game' event type. 

4. Fill in the correct details surrounding the sporting fixture:- 
  • Communication Preferences:
    • Send Availability/Consent Requests with manual selection (once the event invite has been answered you can decide as an organiser if the pupil is selected for fixture)
    • Send Availability/Consent Requests with auto selection (if user confirms with yes they will be automatically selected for fixture) 
  • Parental Consent: 
    • if your School is a primary/early years school and pupils have no access to SchoolsBuddy this will be ticked by default. However, if Pupils have access to SchoolsBuddy then you have the option of ticking the parental consent box. 
      • Box is ticked: will send event invitations to Parent
      • Box is unticked: will send event invitations to Pupils. 
  • Fees:
    • if the fixture involves a fee, enter this here. (you do not need to enter the currency symbol for example £)
  • Details: 
    • Events: this can be either a match, cup, tournament, friendly etc (if you need to add a match event type please contact the SchoolsBuddy team)
  • Attendees: 
    • For who: select the correct group using the drop-down bar
    • Opponent: the fixture opponent can be typed 
  • When and where: 
    • From: use the date and time picker to select the start date/time 
    • To: use the date and time picker to select the end time (must be on same day, if it's a repeating event please see details below) 
    • Venue: this can either be a home or away fixture
    • Where: select the location (locations can be added using the green 'add' tab' 
  • Meeting at:
    • Venue: select the location 
    • Meet Time: select the meeting time
  • Vital Information: 
    • any vital information surrounding the event can be typed in the message box
  • Repeats: 
    • if the fixture repeats within this section you can determine the frequency of the repeating event
  • Event Organiser: 
    • Organiser: select the organiser of the event
When the correct details have been entered select the green 'Save' tab. 

5. Now the event has been, pupils must be sent an invite. 

6. To invite pupils, click the 'Availability/Consent' tab under the Pre Event. 

7. To select all pupils, click the green 'all' box, however, specific pupils can be selected. To send the invite, click the green 'Save/Send' tab.

8. The image below is an example of how the pupil/parent will receive the sporting fixture invite.