Make a Preference Group/Activity compulsory or only for certain students/pupils

Make a Preference Group/Activity compulsory or pre-select certain students/pupils

When creating Groups for a Preference based sign up, if any activities are compulsory or pre-selected for certain students this can be done before sign up is opened.

1. In the Groups/Clubs tab make/edit a group.  Make this available to whole school, grades or a particular group of students which contains the students you want to pre-select.   Select the setting 'Users can view but not select' against 'For Information/Invitation only' and save the group. 

2. Back on the Groups tab, click Allocate:

3.  A button to 'Pre-select students' will appear in the 'Requested' column on the left. Click the button to choose from those in the 'Available to' groups.  Add the students required and Save.

4. Those selected will show in the Requested column.  If you just want to preselect and allow parents/students to change the selections leave these as requested and edit the group to remove the  'Users can view but not select' settings.

If this is the final group click 'Allocate all' and they will move to the Allocated column. Click Complete.


Parents will see the group marked as the first preference for the day and will be unable to change this but can still make other selections: