Linked Events - Creating After school club type container groups/activities that run on multiple days in a week

Linked Events - Creating After school club type container groups/activities that run on multiple days in a week

Linked events enable you to setup groups/activities that run on multiple days of the week AND that the attendees are the same for all occurrences.

This is a simple feature now built into the Add group features within an After School Program (Preference Type).
Step 1 - Create a group as normal (1) (click here for full guidance - section Step 6 onwards)

Step 2 - Press add group, then add the essential details - we recommend you include the multi-day reference in the group title (1)
Step 3 - Press +Add button half way down the screen (2).
Step 4 - This will have copied across the start and end time and if the staff member and location have been set, that too.
Step 5 - Add the additional day of the week
Step 6 - Repeat if necessary if the activity occurs on more than two occasions.
Step 7 - Continue with other group settings and save

In your groups list view the linked event (linked group) will be shown as one group with multiple days next to it. When you 'Generate Events' at the very end of the allocation process the system will only generate one group but create multiple events for that group. For ongoing management that means you only need to add and remove students to the one group and they will be added to the attendance registers for all of the activities.

Throughout the system of allocation and overviews it will always look as one group (and will show the multiple occurrences on the screen in various locations).

PLEASE NOTE: This linked event will only work to events as part of the same container and 'time slot'. You cannot link to events that run at a vastly different time slot and would therefore need to be in another container. i.e you cannot link to other times that would normally exist in another container for auto-allocation purposes.

How does it work for the students/parents and what do you they see?

It is clear to the parents that the event occurs on multiple days. It is visible under both days (Monday and Thursday in this case) and if selecting one will autoselect the same preference if it is available on the other day.

Please note: If they were to try and make a preference 1 choice for Tennis but on a Thursday they had already made a preference 1 choice it would not allow them to do so without first clearing or changing the thursday preference.

The parents/students also receive a warning when they try and pick a multiple occurring group and will inform them of the other days the activity will occur. This is the same message whether they are adding or removing the preference.

Parents when reviewing selections will see clearly the two occurrences of the same activity before sending their choices to the school and are re-confirmed once submitting in the email they receive.

What about allocating?

You will see the group listed as one group (which it is). If you want different students to be able to attend these two occurrences then simply create two separate groups. 

In this test example one student Samuel, Alli has selected Tennis. Click on this to do some manual allocations we can allocate him and then see how this renders when we click on his name. You will see that it shows both days that the activity occurs with a linked symbol denoting that this is a linked event group.

If at any point you manually add or remove someone from a linked event they will be added or removed to all linked occurrences.  Auto allocation handles this situation perfectly whichever daily or weekly preferences is selected as it is impossible to select multiple preferences that are the same on either the same day or across the week. Behind the scenes remember it is one group not two or three.

PLEASE NOTE: When your activity container is 'Active' you will be able to manage which students are involved with these events by simply adding or removing the students to one group.

For more information about creating an after school club preference style container - click here.